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If you don't have the resources for a website, then spend the money to get a personalized email box for your company. It will make you look more professional when you print your business cards and letterhead.

In this tech savvy century, if your company name is at AOL or Excite, people view you as being small and not technologically competent.

Unprofessional Email:
Professional Email:

How do you get started?
1) Choose and purchase a domain name. A domain name is the name that you would use if you were building a website. Remember, you don't have to build your website in order to have a domain name.

2) Set up your mailbox to match the domain name. (Many businesses use Outlook or Outlook Express) Most domain name companies will give you directions on how to do this. Total time to complete is approximately 1-3 hours depending on skill level.

3) Call Kaleidoscope Consulting Group to set up your email address
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