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Having a strong web presence shows stability, professionalism, and attention to detail. Poorly designed websites can distract and frustrate clients, leading them to look elsewhere. Nonexistent websites can assure that your clients will go elsewhere.

Your website should offer a concise representation of your business with clean graphics and clear messaging.

At Kaleidoscope Consulting Group, we start by developing a strong web architecture that assures a satisfying user experience for your clients. To better understand the process of developing compelling graphics, a few of our guiding design principles are outlined below:

Kaleidoscope Design Philosophy
Home Page:
Your company's home page is your first opportunity to introduce your clients to your business. The home page is equivalent of your reception area or the entryway of your home. Similar to inviting a guest to your home, we want your home page to be "clean and engaging" since it is the gateway to your website. We consult with each client to develop home pages that graphically convey your business and allow for easy navigation to other parts of your site rather than clutter the page with excessive text that is better displayed on inside pages of your website.

Inside Pages:
Inside pages provide the "real" content of your website. Linked to your home page, inside pages can be text-heavy if need be, and offer more in-depth information to your potential clients. Your clients should be able to easily identify the services offered and understand any desired action that you would like them to take. With our creativity and technical expertise, we can provide you with the features you need to increase the functionality of your website.

We are a Los Angeles based graphic design and web development firm that specializes in:
  • Website "Facelifts" - a nip here and tuck there may be all you need to thrive
  • Savvy E-commerce Designs - don't make your client work to work with you
  • Bi-lingual Websites - if your business is in multiple languages, then your website needs to be, too
  • Self-Editing Modules - the freedom to make changes to your site as needed
  • WordPress integration-we offer custom blog solutions that give you the flexibilty to self edit while maintaining a customized look a website
  • Self-editing Calendars - tools that work to make your life a little bit easier
  • Graphical Photo Galleries - facts may tell, but stories are what sell and photos are a great way to convey your story
  • HTML Emails - professional-looking emails set you apart from your competition
  • Custom Application Development - sometimes you need an application built, sometimes you just need a polish on the ones you have. Either way, Kaleidoscope can develop what you need.

With the multitue of technological advances, we provide web development and graphic design services to companies and buines owners across the country. 

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